My art education began in grade school when I was placed in Major Art classes in the New York City public schools.  Though I loved painting, I never saw it as my career.  I continued to paint, taking private lessons, throughout my college years when I studied History on the undergraduate and graduate levels.  My career as an educator flourished, I married, eventually relocating to the Hamptons where I began to paint again sporadically.  After the death of my wife in 2013, I moved back to Manhattan picking up my brushes in earnest.

I paint quickly, ergo acrylics.  I always begin with a color board saturating the canvas in splashes of color.  I then create the central idea, painting away the color board with white, leaving edges of color to attract the eye.  There is always something lurking behind the accomplished work.

My paintings are influenced by my mantra, "Live your life in black and white, but think in shades of gray." They are abstract expressionist.. The message is that there is always something beneath what you see on the canvas, what you see at first sight.  Nothing is that first impression. There is always more! Find it. Then, the image on the canvas has such meaning.

The paintings on this site represent my journey as an artist.  Like many artists, my style took twists and turns, looked forward and back, but continues to evolve.